Welcome to the Roblox Wiki by Ike712!

Welcome to the Roblox Wikia!

This is about the best, most imaginative and well-built games out there.

I like to add Gameplay videos because they explain alot more than a wikia page will ever say. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video will say ten thousand. Thanks to all of you Roblox players out there who have made Roblox gameplay videos on YouTube!

About The Roblox Wiki

This Wikia has information about robloxian's favorite games. Things like V.I.P costs, strategies, K.Os, groups, etc. I have made Game Reviews/Ratings and I've listed information so you know what to play and whether or not to buy VIP for it. I also added some gameplay videos! I accept all Roblox friend requests! My username is Ike712.

thumb|300px|left|Heliwars Gameplay Vid!Many players in Roblox get most of their kills from Heli-Wars. I am one of them, with about 1,500 kills at the moment. This is a gameplay video from YouTube. This was shot before the new updates, so some things are different.

Enjoy the video! The song playing is Boheman Rhapsody by Queen.

Thanks for visiting my Roblox Wiki!


Type in the game you want to find information about in the Search Bar, or simply click on the game you want to look at below.

==Current Games Featured: ==

Heliwars by DrewsomeB

Build A Boat by 1995josh

Modern War Tycoon by Ubayla

Checkpoint Racing v2 by Wingman8

Zombie Ocean Rescue Mission 2 by FoxMcBanjo

RO-Force Air Base by porkchops007

Jet Wars: Advanced Battle by Carbon131

Pilot Paradise (45 Planes!) by rockless2016

Roblox Death Racing by coolstuntman12345

==Coming Soon: ==

The Iron Cafe by IronInforcer

WipeOut Obby I V1.3.4 by AUDI80


Live In A Five Star Island Resort by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX

====================================Games to try! (Games I plan to play and put on here)=============================

F.E.A.R. Recruitment Center by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX

MEGA Collapse! [NON BC] by nelly97

Rescue or be rescued by palle1

Galleons! v4.7 by Wingman8

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